An Honest Review: Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Beyond MediSpa: Bioslimming

On Tuesday last week I was invited to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh to experience their new Bioslimming treatment. I arrived a bit early so browsed the Balenciaga and Helmut Lang skirts before heading up to Beyond MediSpa where the manager, Louise, greeted me and introduced me to my therapist, Kathryn. The spa is very compact, but very clean and bright – a good mix of clinical hygiene and modern, clean lines. The treatment itself was amazing, and if you want to invest any spare cash into your body, Bioslimming is definitely a treatment that works; I lost 9.2 centimetres from my waist to my thighs! 

First, Kathryn gave me some very attractive disposable knickers to wear, and it was at this point that I realised she meant business. Kathryn applied the different products to my thighs, bum, back and tum, working hard to massage them into my skin using a rather vigorous technique – as she said, this is not a pampering treatment. Bioslimming is to get results, and for results you need to expect a bit of hard work. No pain, no gain! 
So after she pummelled my butt, etc, she wrapped me up in BioFilm (looks very similar to clingfilm, but I was assured there was a difference) and left me beneath some cosy blankets to build up and retain heat. After 30 minutes, Kathryn returned to unwrap me and start the hardcore massage again but this time she used cooling products which contained menthol and eucalyptus. This felt invigorating against my skin and despite warning me that I would feel insanely cold, I actually thought it wasn’t too bad. She then left me beneath the blankets for another 20/30 minutes (if you were having the recommended course of 6 treatments, you would get dressed at this point) to get maximum results. I was glad when Kathryn returned because I was FREEZING! Lying there, I felt very cold (to the point where my teeth chattered) but it was a strange sensation; somewhere between burning and tingling. Imagine if you got Vicks in your eye, that sort of nippy, cold, burny feeling that makes your eyes water and try to think how that would feel against your skin and inside your body. Very odd indeed, but obviously worth it because when Kathryn measured me I’d lost over 9 centimetres and the texture of my skin (yes, orange peel!) had improved significantly. 
This is not a miracle treatment, but it definitely does improve the shape and feel of your body and I would sincerely recommend that anyone who has a problem area (or just wants to feel better ahead of a holiday or special occasion) should go to Harvey Nichols MediSpa for Bioslimming. The treatment can focus on any part of your body that you feel insecure about, from thighs and bum to waists to arms to love handles, and truly will make a difference to your self confidence levels. If I had a larger disposable income, I’d be going for the recommended maintenance regime of a full course of 6 treatments, followed by a monthly maintenance treatment. Until then, I might get Mr Man to pummel my butt, leave the heating off, and wrap me in clingfilm overnight!   
After my treatment, I really did feel rather chilly so I treated myself to a skinny latte on the Forth Floor to warm me up – don’t you just love the mugs?

My view from the Forth Floor – St Andrews Square is so pretty when the lights come on.

You can purchase Bioslimming products which can be used as an alternative to the treatment – but one treatment equal a whole week of religious applications for the same level results. If you ask me, it’s a lot easier to get the professionals to do it for you! 


  1. Anonymous 1st November 2011 / 22:42

    A great account of a great treatment! I have had this and found that I lost inches. well worth it!

  2. Chantel Smith 26th July 2017 / 08:26

    I’m about to have my first treatment today and can’t wait. What a fantastically written, honest review. Thank you so much x

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