Damart’s Perfect Fit Jeans, styled three ways

These clothes were gifted by Damart as part of a paid Instagram post for their #DamartPerfectFit campaign, but I wanted to share this with you here on the blog because I think it’s a useful reference for choosing clothing that can be versatile, or when thinking about how you can style your favourite jeans in… View Post

Outfit Post: Damart SS14

You already know I’m a fan of Damart (the British company famous for their thermal range) because the brand has stayed true to its roots (eg there are still the thermals and classic pieces), while introducing some more fashion forward pieces that are still wearable – important for both new and existing customers. My favourite piece from the Damart SS14 collection is this… View Post

Outfit Post: Damart AW13

For those who don’t know, Damart is a UK heritage brand created in the Fifties. Over the decades, Damart developed from a small, family business specialising in thermal clothing into an international brand with a range of clothing, from the original thermal pieces right through to coats, dresses, underwear and even a home range. They’ve… View Post

Trying out the beret

It’s Wear A Hat Day today, so I thought it might be timely to post these images of me trying out the beret (it’s also been FOREVER since I last posted, I’m sorry). The beret has been one of the biggest trends this winter, and looks set to continue throughout spring, and though I don’t… View Post

Autumn Layers

The mornings are more crisp, the evenings more chilly. The leaves shimmer with gold and burn with firey red, and our breath is visible is short puffs of warm cloud. Despite the warm afternoon temperatures, autumn is definitely here; she’s just yet to settle in. Now is the perfect time to pull out the autumn… View Post